Hilton Cup 2002

Pictures (c) Pasi Pulkkinen & Marika Orava

This is it... The Hilton Ranch


Mr. Barron Hilton, Frank Franke & Pasi


Quest of honors, Oscar Goudriaan & Werner Meuser


Balloon pilot Roland Nebel & Pasi on check flight with Duo Discus


ASW-20 (OZ) flown by Mark Bland from Australia (guy on below)


Mark Bland winner of the Australia/South-Africa section (with Libelle!!!!)


Ventus a, flown by World's director Dick Bradley from South-Africa (below)


Dick Bradley, contest director for last Worlds in SA


G'Day mates... Mike Gray (NZ) and Mark Bland (Australia) after flying...


Andreas Nagel (winner of the Sports class Europe) & better half Nicole


DG-500 flown by World Champion Oscar Gourdriaan


Once more Oscar...


The Hilton Cup Winners.


World Champion Werner Meuser


Uve Hannes & Gerd Spigelberg (Germany)


Tom Stowers (High Country Soaring), Dan Gudgel (tow pilot/weather man),  Patrick Berry (Hilton corp.)


Barron's Stearman


Barron's Staggerwing


Morning preparations (Bill Mueller, Pasi, Gerd & Tom)


Anette Reichman & world champion Oscar Gourdriaan


Awards ceremony for winners


Barron's copter & pilot Rick


The Ranch house


Line crew on mission (Ralph Kolstad & Jim Blake)


Pasi, academy award winner actor Cliff Robertson & Marika relaxing after the day on bar


Glider transporting crew... Gunter, Peter, Coop & Bill.


Hannes Linke, co-founder of Hilton Cup


Bill Anderws (Apollo 8), Cliff Robertson, Ulf Mehrbold (2 Space Shuttle missions & MIR Space station), EADS president, Barron Hilton


EAA Film crew Scott & Jim


Cliff & long time companion Twin Astir


Barron's Citation V


Mark Bland & the Airbus (2-32)


Charlie Thaeler's & co's Duo Discus (5H)