HCS's Ely 2001 encampment

I'll add more but for now here are some images taken during Ely 2001.  Click here for more pictures.  I'll add captions etc as time allows.

Thanks to Tom Stowers for an amazing trip!


Comments from Tom Stowers:

Hi folks,

results for our ELY CAMP 2001:

We had one of the best weather ever seen anywhere during the 2 week camp. Ray Lynskey (NZ) made 7*1000km flight and rest over 750' (8). Chris Richards also from NZ made 3 * 1000km and 1 of them was new NZ record (about 140km/h) and also 6 times more than 750km. Gerrit Kursjens 3 * 1000 km (longest 1109km) and 750 FAI triangle world speed record 163,83km/h. Pam Kurstjens 750 FAI triangle speed feminine world record 150km/h (Pam missed the finish altitude / world record by 200 feet on first day and she said that this is the only place that I can say " OK, I'll do it again tomorrow") Tom Kreyche did 1000km, 15 meter Ventus 2 (his really strong on Hilton Cup with that) , Sam Whitside and Alan Coombs with Nimbus 3D also 1000km. We had 28 gliders there during the weeks... And everybody had fun...

So the summary is :

15 * 1000km
5 * 900+ km
38 * 750+km
>30 * 500+km

Total kilometers flown > 70000km's

2 * World speed record (750 speeds 163 and 150)
4 * Dutch record (750 speeds and 1000km's speeds 160km/h)
3 * U.S. feminine speed records 500km (~120km/h)
1 * NZ-Record (1000km speed 140km/h)
1 * Finnish Record (300 O/R speed 156,83km/h)

If you are interested to be there next year, contact :

High Country Soaring
+1 775 782 4944

Also you can see few fotos on : www.pagekeeper.com/elysoaring2001