3D Renderings of Soaring Flights

I've been involved in doing some 3d renderings from IGC data.  Some of these renderings were used for the 1999/2000/2001 PASCO sponsored Extended XC Soaring seminars.

Two technologies are used:

  1. Freeware (my converter that produces .pov files that can be read and rendered with POV-RAY).
  2. 3D Studio MAX is a commercial (but expensive) rendering package called 3D Studio MAX by Autodesk.
    obsolete and no longer in use)

Here is an example.  This was a 500km flight flown by Marc Ramsey out of Tonopah Nevada.   The average speed was 77 mph in a DG-303Acro.

mramsey_persp.jpg (33702 bytes)

NOTE: the names are links to their websites or email addresses, the "renderings" links are to the renderings pages, don't forget to click on the small images, (thumbnails) to see the fill sized images.

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