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ELY 2000 & ELY 2001

Ely Nevada is an amazing soaring site High Country Soaring has put on an encampment for a couple of years now.  I attended the Ely 2000 week and had a great time and finally got around to doing paperwork for my diamond goal

Hilton Cup 2002

Picture's Complements of Pasi Pulkkinen & Marika Orava

3D Renderings of Soaring Flights

You should really check this stuff out.

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Soaring Sites I've flown at

I used to keep a list of manufacturers etc. but Marc Ramsey maintains a much better page so I'll just point to it now.

I am also in a partnership in a Duo Discus, Serial # 215SH, "5H".  The Duo Discus is the glider that was used for the film 1999 remake film "The Thomas Crown Affair".  Our glider, 5H, made its first flight as a US registered aircraft on the 15th of August about a week after the movie was released.

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This is the Duo Discus based at Williams N175DD, not mine though I've flown this glider.  I'll add a picture of 5H as soon as possible.  This picture was taken by my partner in the LS-3a, Nobuo Ueda.

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